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My artistic journey is deeply rooted in my background. Growing up in a small town, I faced a multitude of challenges, including mental health struggles, addiction, financial hardship, and abuse. Yet, amidst these difficulties, art emerged as a powerful source of resilience and expression.

In 2017, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the Alberta College of Art + Design. My studies exposed me to a diverse range of mediums, from painting and bronze casting to welding and prop-making. This foundation, coupled with my participation in the student-run "Sculpture Love" group, solidified my passion for creation.

Following graduation, I honed my skills further in a prop-making studio, mastering techniques in sculpting, wood-working, and more. A trip to Thanh Ha Pottery village in Hoi An reignited my love for ceramics, leading me to establish "SunDay Ceramics" in a home studio crafted from a spare bedroom and broom closet. This space became a haven for experimentation and artistic exploration.


Public art is another avenue I find deeply meaningful. Weaving art into the fabric of communities and fostering cultural exchange through artistic expression are passions that drive me forward. In 2022, I collaborated with Gladzy Kei for an Artist Residency at cSPACE Eau Claire Community Hub in Calgary, engaging with the surrounding community.

Currently based in Edmonton, I'm initiating an Extra-Curricular Visual Arts Program at Thrive Elementary, a non-profit school dedicated to supporting low-income families. This experience allows me to share my love for art and empower young minds, dismantling barriers for those facing challenges similar to my own.

Artist Practice 

My art practice confronts widespread trauma, pain, and injustice, posing a challenging question: Can there be beauty in suffering? Rather than provoking a visceral reaction to escape from pain and struggle, I aim to amplify and cradle these experiences, inviting viewers to contemplate the resilience and strength that can emerge from adversity.


Within this exploration, I delve into the potential imagery and forms representing trauma, such as wounds, bruises, and the human body. Utilizing photographs, painted representations of bruises and wounds, and crafting kaleidoscopes, I offer unique perspectives on the visual language of 'trauma.' Additionally, I create organic clay sculptures that magnify the emotional intricacies encapsulated within trauma.


An exemplar of emotional embodiment in my practice is the 'Mopey.' Initially conceived as diminutive, melancholic clay figures, the Mopey has metamorphosed into larger ceramic sculptures. These sculptures symbolize the all-encompassing nature of emotions, serving as an invitation to confront and embrace the intricate aspects of our human experience.

In addition to my primary artistic endeavours, I am committed to the exploration of public art. This commitment is evident through my proactive engagement in artist calls within the community, involvement in mural painting initiatives, and my participation in Artist Residencies.

I am dedicated to bringing the power of art to those struggling, emphasizing its significance in discovering one's own identity and understanding of the world. Ultimately, I believe that art can unite communities, foster meaningful conversations, and contribute to positive societal change.

Curriculum Vitae


2022 - cSPACE Eau Claire Community Hub  -The City of Calgary - Calgary, AB

2017 - Hear/d Residency - Alberta College of Art + Design - Calgary Alberta 

Public Art

2022  - Public Signage - cSPACE Eau Claire Community Hub Signage - The City of Calgary 

2022 - Mural Assistant - Women Empowerment Mural - FilipinX Kasaganaan Artist Collective - Calgary Arts Development

2022 - Mural Assistant - Youth Empowerment Mural - FilipinX Kasaganaan Artist Collective - Calgary Arts Development 

2022 - Mural Assistant - Bow To Bluff Sunnyside Project - Dan Bergeron & Gabriel Specter  - City of Calgary



Awards and Grants


2023 - Mush Love - NVRLD Arts Foundation - Calgary, Alberta - Group Exhibition

2023 - HAS Resilience Art Project - TELUS Convention Centre - Calgary, Alberta - Group Exhibition 

2017 -  Grad Show - Illingworth Kerr Gallery - Calgary, Alberta - Group Exhibition

2017 -  Its So beautiful… - Ivan Gallery - Calgary, Alberta - Group Exhibition

2017 -  Wet Cigarettes - Ivan Gallery - Calgary, Alberta - Solo Exhibition

2017  - Waves Through Fog (Residency) - Alberta College of Art + Design - Calgary, Alberta - Group Exhibition

2017 - Heavyweight and Breathable - Alberta College of Art + Design - Calgary, Alberta - Group Exhibition

2016 -  Trained + Drained - Alberta College of Art + Design - Calgary, Alberta - Group Exhibition

2016 - MisSALEllaneous - Ivan Gallery - Calgary, Alberta - Group Exhibition

2015 - Cellar Dwellers - Alberta College of Art + Design - Calgary, Alberta - Group Exhibition

2015 - Sculpture Group Show - Ivan Gallery - Calgary, Alberta - Group Exhibition

2015 - Emerging Artists Unleashed - Alberta Society of Artists - Edmonton, Alberta - Group Exhibition

2014 - 1st Year Art Show - Alberta College of Art + Design - Calgary, Alberta - Group Exhibition

2013 - 2017 - Bachelors of Fine Arts - Sculpture Major - Alberta College of Art + Design 

2021 - Twitch Pottery Throwdown (Judges choice) 

2016 - Wendi Jenkins Memorial Scholarship

June 17, 2020 - Nathan Kunz - “Meet Artist and Prop Maker Paige Harris” - Avenue Magazine Calgary

April 6, 2019 - Sam Chipera - “How online streaming platform Twitch helps Calgary Artist deal with mental health struggles” - Calgary Journal

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